Let's Work Together To Make BC Work For You!
Thanks for voting for me and  SoCredBC

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for me and the newly emerged SoCred Party.  With only two weeks to campaign we made a respectable showing and I was honoured to be selected as your candidate by the SoCred Party (along with fellow candidate Michael Henshall) to official restart the party for this new day and age.

Also, I would like to thank the faithful volunteers who rose to the occasion in short order to help give my campaign a life of its own.

While I return to my job as an Entrepreneur in BC, I will continue to advocate for the citizens of this great province.  If all things go according to plan you just might see me again with 86 other SoCred candidates in 2021.

Finally,  on behalf of the SoCred Party of BC, I would like to thank all those who believe in democracy and got out and voted – regardless of who for.   Meanwhile, the SoCred’s invite you to join the discussion at #SoCredBC and @SoCredBC.