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Excerpts from 'Hot Mayors Race On Horizon' Newsleader 14.11.14 "…independent candidate James Crosty has certainly made an indelible mark on the campaign…Wright and Coté may represent the old and new, Crosty could be considered both…Crosty could be the one who has made the most mileage out of all-candidates meetings and debates…Crosty has been almost as prolific as Coté in his production of platform policies…He promotes his independence while warning the electorate about Coté’s labour connections and Wright’s long list of contributions from developers.


I encourage you to watch these two important debates before you head to the polls on November 15. I trust that once you have watched each candidate, you will conclude that I have the most complete understanding of the issues facing our city and am best positioned to handle them. As your most qualified independent Mayoral candidate, I will represent ALL INTEREST not just the special interests of Wright & Cote.

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It took one of my opponents for mayor nearly five months to begin telling the taxpayer any details about his platform for the next four years. The other has yet to publish any details. It is clear they prefer the taxpayer to remain in the dark. They want you to vote for them solely because they have both occupied decision-making seats in the chamber for over a decade. While I recognize their mutual accomplishment while together at City Hall, I honestly believe that four more years of the same will not prove beneficial to our Royal City. From the onset of announcing my candidacy to be your Mayor, I published my initial platform and have continuously added to this platform. I will deal with Transportation and Taxes, set up a Women’s Commission, enhance Arts & Culture, create Revenue generators and review Spending priorities. I invite you to read my vision for the next four years in New Westminster. It’s time for a fresh and honest change at city hall!

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TRANSPORTATION: Tunnels & Water Taxi

It is clear to those who live in New West that transportation is a vital issue. However, it is equally clear that the strategies implemented by the current Mayor and District Labour council over the past decade have fail to fix it. In fact most agree it has become worse. While the issue is complex, here are two more areas of my transportation platform that I think merit exploration. Tunnels and Water Taxis are good ideas and warrant serious discussion.

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“There’s no machine that’s behind me,” he says. “I see no policy from the current mayor, I see fluffy policy from our council. And they can’t talk about our future without talking about the past.” Crosty Quote from 'Hot Mayors Race On Horizon' Newsleader 14.11.14

"Why do we need 'fresh' policy, if those created over the last ten years worked?." JAMES CROSTY; Independent Mayoral Candidate | New West