It’s Time To Vote SoCred

Let's Work Together To Make BC Work For You!
VOTE JAMES CROSTY MAY 9th – Your SoCred Candidate for MLA New Westminster

Socially EQUAL
Financially SOUND
Environmentally ACTIVE

No other candidate or Party bring you all three commitments – in one person, in one Party.

For the first time in almost 30 years voters are struggling or discouraged by the choices of the main party candidates.  In New Westminster be it a Liberal who was a Conservative, a Green who until recently was the NDP District Labour Council school trustee, an Independent from Langley, a Libertarian from Burnaby or the previous MLA a New Democrat who apparently remains unrepentant for being a member and candidate for the Workers Communist Party of Canada. Even separatist/Bloc Quebecois Leader, Gilles Duceppe acknowledged his membership in the Workers Communist Party of Canada was a ‘mistake’!

If you are looking for a real change I ask you to place your faith in me and vote – JAMES CROSTY SoCred as your MLA for New Westminster

In a productive historic period for over 33 years, the Social Credit Party helped build the foundations of our province.  In today’s current environment, it is clear that real politicians and parties are hard to find.  Seems they are all just pretending to be what you want them to be and to give you false promises that you know will not be fulfilled or possible without having negative or financial impacts on you – the voter.

The SoCred’s will be a real party alternative.  SoCred will offer a broad social vision where equality and fairness are anchored beliefs, fiscal policies designed to provide the maximum benefit with the least amount of taxation and the opportunity to be protective guardians of our environment.

The SoCred’s offer what all other parties do not – Balance.  This is a credible and real alternative to your political options in 2017.  A vote for the SoCred’s is a vote for real change!

This election, I ask you to take the ‘balanced’ approach and vote CROSTY as your MLA for New Westminster.  As a citizen of New Westminster for 27 years, as a previous Mayoral candidate for the City of New West, as a previous Independent candidate in the 2014 Provincial election and as an active contributing community member – I will bring an historic perspective, a future vision and a fresh approach about our city and how it fits into the provincial fabric to ensure growth and to realize our fullest potential.

Ask yourself is it time to put someone in government that will work for every resident in New Westminster?  Someone who can work across all party lines? As a result of political wrangling New West has lost out on many opportunities and experience unnecessary delays like the building of a new high school and the replacement of the Pattullo Bridge.  I want to change that and if you elect me I will endeavour to bring New Westminster to the forefront of BC politics.  Under the banner of the SoCred Party you are invited to participate in creating policy that everyone deserves.

On May 9th, consider a vote for BC’s ‘Balanced Party’ – Your SoCred Party!




We’re Back!

    The Social Credit Party of BC was responsible for building the infrastructure of the province that we all enjoy today.  Over the past year, a number of Liberal, Conservatives and Greens have met informally to discuss solutions to the ‘frustration the electorate is feeling over Party options’. The result was the rebranding and revival …