At Home

Crosty has been with his partner for 41 years.  He also lives with his mother-in-law who is 94 and dealing with vascular dementia.

He enjoys all activities that place him into the natural environments of BC. From walking or bike riding, to boating and skiing, James has made it a mandate to stay active. You will find James riding his bike along the Quay Promenade or on a day trip around Queensborough regularly.

Crosty comes from a family of 8 brothers and sisters and originally came to BC in the summer of 1986. His mother and father are deceased. James is very close to his many nieces and nephews and great nieces. During the family reunions, which James regularly attends, as many as 350 clan members ascend on Thunder Bay Ontario every five years. As a mix between Ukrainian and French heritage, family plays a critical role in his life.

Hard work, honestly, trust worthiness, fair and equal treatment, respect, family and community make up the fabric that is James Crosty.

His role as a Citizen Advocate rose from his pure love of helping others. Crosty has a character that is unselfish being both genuine and generous.

Here is a treat…take a look at my extended family. We have a family reunion every few years and believe it or not we have over 500 relatives attend! It is like a ”spot aldo’ photo…can you see me in this wonderful group I call ‘family’.