What Others Think Of Me

“Just Who Am I. Well, I thought it might be fun to leave it up to others to tell you what they think of me. These samples are from people I call ‘friends’ who in past years have written character references about me for various reasons. By showing you these, I want you to understand that I truly believe in the power of people and the diversity of these letters will show that I make every effort to go …the extra distance!”



(transcript: DAWN BLACK support letter 2010)
Novemeber 10th, 2010
Re: Nomination of James Crosty for BC Community Achievement Award

I am pleased to write in support of the nomination of New Westminster resident, James Crosty, for a BC Community Achievement Award.

James is well-known in our community for his service to many organizations.

In 2005, he revitalized the Quayside Community Board which represents approximately 4000 residents of the Quay area of New Westminster. He currently serves as the Board’s president and is a strong advocate for the neighbourhood at City Council and at the provincial and federal levels. He has worked tirelessly, with other volunteers, for a solution to the train noise which is a major issue for Quay residents.

In 2007, James spearheaded the first Quayside Boardwalk Festival & Sale and has been its main organizer ever since. In August 2010 thousands of people from all over the Lower Mainland gathered at the Festival to enjoy music and food and to shop for recycled bargains, while strolling along the beautiful boardwalk beside the Fraser River. This event, under James’ committed leadership, has continued to grow and attract more visitors each year.

James also served on the New Westminster Hyack Festival Association board of directors for a number of years and assisted with the groups’ annual parades, festivals and other community events.

I often see him at various events and meetings – lending a helping hand or working with others to make a difference in his community.

Given his passion and dedication to the Quayside community and to the City of New Westminster, I feel James Crosty would be a very appropriate recipient of the BC Community Achievement Award.

Thanks you for considering his nomination.

Yours sincerely,
Dawn Black, MLA
New Westminster


(transcript: PJulian BCachiever ltr 2010)

Burnaby-New Westminster
November 2010
Re: Nomination of James Crosty for BC Community Achievement Award

James Crosty is a tireless and dedicated community activist who contributes much to the city of New Westminster. He has been involved in a number of activities including Director of the Hyack Festival, which is Canada’s largest community festival.

One of his biggest contributions to our community has been trying to resolve long standing concerns around excessive railway noise in the Westminster Quay area. He has actively worked with the railways to try to get an arbitrated settlement and then when the railways refused, he became a tireless advocate to get the railways to respect the residents of this important area of New Westminster.

As President of the the Quayside Community Board he has organized a number of important community events including the successful Annual Quayside Boardwalk sale which is attended by thousands of residents and visitors.

As a community advocate and activist, James Crosty has achieved a great deal for our community and merits being nominated for the BC Achievement award.

Peter Julian, MP
Burnaby-New Westminster


MAUREEN PARKS: Past President of the New Westminster Liberal Riding Association (2013 Provincial Election)

Dear Editor:
Re: Who is this Crosty fellow?, Letters to the edior, The Record, Sept. 16.
When I read this letter in The Record last week, I started to laugh out loud.
Honestly, how much did Wayne Wright pay this fellow to write this letter?
It’s obvious this reader is a “Wayne supporter” and is on edge due to the fact that someone else has dared to challenge the current city mayor for his seat.
Well, get ready, because it’s happened.
Anytime I have read anything written by James Crosty or when I have had the opportunity to hear him speak, all I ever read or hear is “positive, positive, positive.”
He is all about the citizens of New Westminster – their issues and solutions. His work with the issue of the trains at the Quay is but one of many that he is currently working on because our current mayor is not.
Someone has had to step forth to represent the taxpayer, and James is doing a great job of that as our citizen’s advocate.
He is a humble person with a strong work ethic, persistence and intellectual integrity.
He has a huge contingency behind him as he prepares to give our current mayor a run for his life for his position.
He has my vote.
Perhaps something the current mayor should consider in lieu of “when” James Crosty assumes his title is that he can always run for the B.C. Liberal Party in New Westminster come 2013.