As a survivor of Prostate Cancer in 2011, and my partner having survived Colon Cancer in 2018, I hope to bring cancer to the forefront of healthcare discussions.  Despite every encouragement and activism over many years, neither the current government nor past have done anything to offer pre-screening tests for men (like women) to avoid a #1 killer.


Despite what you may hear about pre-screening options, it should be a top priority to ensure that all men in BC have an option for a first PSA TEST FREE.  This important marker for guys is no different than women who have free pre-screening tests funded by our health care resulting in so many lives being saved.  Currently men have gone without support from early warning signs of this ravaging disease. This test saved my life, two of my brothers and I know of countless others who would not be here today without ‘their marker numbers’.  Had my partner had pre-screening he may not have gone through radical surgery to remove the cancer that was discovered later.

Now that I have your attention I ask that everyone contact your local MLA and insist our government properly fund this pre-screening blood test.  By charging for a PSA test we are discriminating against low income families and those who are least able to afford the repercussions from late stage detection of prostate cancer and its affect on the male population.

If you have been diagnosed with Prostate cancer or know someone who has, and want to talk with someone who has been through it and survived it – please come in and see me – in strict confidence.  Meanwhile, I would discourage you from believing what you read on the net, as much of it is completely alarmist.

Don’t forget, if you see a box this April in your local business with daffodils in it, dig out some coin or bills and support Cancer treatment research through the Canadian Cancer Society.  Wear a ‘dil’ with pride!